Privacy Policy

version: February 12th, 2019
This Privacy Policy applies to personal data collected, used and stored by Edgelot Growth Agency. in connection with the use of our website and the products/services provided by us (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Services”). This Privacy Policy explains the types of personal data we collect from and about you and how we use, disclose and protect that data as well as your ability to control certain uses of it.

Which personal data do we collect?

In this Privacy Policy, your “personal data” means information or pieces of information that could allow you to be identified. For example, your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address, but also your IP address. We collect personal data about you from a variety of sources, such as:

Information we collect directly from you

This is the personal data you provide us when using our Services. For example, when you create an account, purchase a product/service from our website or register for our newsletter. This type of information may include your name, mailing address, phone number, email address, credit card information and the way you use the Services.

Information we collect from your use of our website

We may use cookies and similar technologies to collect information when you use our website or interact with our online advertisement. This type of information may include your type of browser or device, details of the web pages you have viewed, links you clicked on and your IP address.


If we have a contract with your employer for the use of our Services, for example with regards to your Traineeship, it may be possible your employer provides us with your personal data such as name and email address, in order for us to register you for your Services and provide our Services to you.


Our Services include the offering of a growth community. This is an open community. Please be aware that if you share personal information in your posts and comments this can be seen by other users.

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Edgelot Experience

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